[Musings on Cultural History ~ Clothing, chiefly]


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  • ‘Christmas jumpers: The REAL reason why Brits wear garish knits on the big day’, interview with Express.co.uk.


  • ‘Through a Glass, lightly’ History Today, 66:9 (September, 2016).



  • Vogue 100 ‘After Hours’. Interviewing British Vogue editors at The National Portrait Gallery before a studio audience. Herewith Creative Director Jaime Perlman.


  • ‘Heritage: A Paradox and a Potential’. A talk for Rising Minds in which I consider the appeal of heritage for companies and consumers and how to create it in a contemporary context (January, 2016).
  • ‘The Siege of Kenilworth: The Fall and Rise of the British Castle’, The Essay, BBC Radio 3 (January 2015). Click to listen.


  • ‘To Be A Better Man’ feature in Article Magazine, issue 4 (November, 2014).


  • ‘Fashion Through the Decades’, Salisbury Fashion Week (September, 2013).

  • ‘Draped in the Past’, History Today, 63:9 (September, 2013).


  • ‘Who was the best-dressed Briton in History?’ in BBC History Magazine (October, 2013).


Henry III

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