Wish I had the chance to see this exhibition. The effects of costume on screen can be extremely forceful and yet strangely subliminal. It was probably not until the 50th (!) or so viewing that I noticed a lovely and clever bit of costumery in the marvellous BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice from the 1990s. The division between the haughty Bingley sisters and Elizabeth having been emphasized strikingly through dress for a couple of episodes, the rapprochement between Elizabeth and Darcy is signalled subtly and yet strongly by the scene in which Elizabeth is introduced to Darcy’s sister: look closely and you’ll see they are wearing not *the same* outfit precisely, but the same colours – gentle blue offset by creamy white. Whenever they appear in the same scene thereafter, they are wearing complementary styles in similar shades. Whenever I watch it now I notice that and think ‘some bright spark thought that up and designed it… wow!’